So, I got this very yummy wool from Marr Haven last Saturday. Of course I wanted to get it on needles immediately, but er, a lot of my needles have other stuff on them. So I vowed to finish my five WIPs before I started any new projects.


Finished my niece’s hat. Finished the cable sweater. Finished the funny tank. Almost finished the odd sweater thingy (a pattern test) but it looks like I’ll need another skein of WOTA to complete the sleeves. The Poncho From Hell is looking down at me. It mocks me. I so do not want to knit it because it bores me to tears.

So what’s a girl to do? Knit a gauge swatch! It’s not technically a new project! And let me tell you, this yarn is everything that Knitter’s Review says it is. When she said that the swatch that came out of the bath didn’t resemble the one that went in, she wasn’t kidding. Amazing, I tell you! This is fabulous yarn! Once the wooly-farmy-smell dissapates, that is.