Ugh. Clogs. Love the pattern, but the felting process was really, really frustrating.

The knitting? Went great.

They were pretty comfy, and fit me rather well unfelted.

But these were the kids’ clogs, silly! Wonder who they’ll fit??

Well, after over two freaking hours of agitation in my washer, they shrunk enough but grrr…..still have visible stitches. I slept on it, got up, and threw them in the dryer for an hour.

I’m gonna just call this a learning experience — it got me familiar with the pattern, which is very cool. My daughter likes them, and doesn’t care that you can see the stitches. So whatever.

The boring stuff:
Children’s Fiber Trends Clogs, size large.
Knit in Marr Haven wool.
Pattern mods: well, I did dink with this and that’s probably part of my problem. The wool is supposedly worsted weight but it really knits to a bulky gauge. So I didn’t double it like the pattern told me to. Actually, I did at first, then frogged because it was sooooo tight that I could barely knit it. Sigh. I really thought this yarn would felt like a dream. WOTA or 220 next time!
Started 8/24, finished 8/25.