I started a cardigan with my mystery eBay yarn the other day. I decided to cast on all the stitches at once instead of seaming it at the end. 104 stitches. About 24 rows in, it was painfully obvious that even though I’d swatched, it was turning out too small.

So, frogging time at my house. Which is a bummer for me, but a cause for great excitement for my preschooler.

Yesterday morning at the park I cast on again, this time only the back, and on bigger needles, my beloved US13 Addis. Woo! Gotta love chunky yarn. The back is done and I’ve just cast on the front. And it looks like I’ll have enough yarn to make a matching sweater for said preschooler, and maybe even her baby sister.

I must say that good needes make such a difference. I have some US13 circs that are plastic and they are absolute hell to knit with. But the Addis? A breeze. A joy, even. The fact that I got them for $10.50 delivered makes me love them all the more.