Obviously, I really like this scarf pattern. Ironic, because I’m not a fan of scarves in general. Before these three, I’d only knitted two scarves, and they bored me to tears and I swore never to make another scarf. I’ve always thought of scarves as something to “get past,” I guess…not something I’d actually look forward to knitting. So, totally surprising that I would voluntarily PAY for this pattern (I don’t usually buy loose patterns either), and knit it three times in a row.

I know, in this picture it’s not finished.But it is, really, I was just too lazy to take another one.

The boring stuff:
Loop-d-Loop Lace Leaf Scarf.
Knit in Knitpicks Suri Dream (1 skein, and I had just enough), color: Twilight
Knit with yarn doubled, on US13 needles.
Started 10/05 finished 10/06.

It looks all fuzzy and stuff, partly because it’s not blocked yet (obviously). But when you hold it up to the light, you can see the pattern: