1. Obviously, I learned to knit. On January 2, 2005, I went to the store for yarn and needles. The rest is history.
2. Videos beat books, hand down.
3. Just because it’s not immediately fun, doesn’t mean you’re not going to love it later. (Even if you really, really hate it in the beginning. Like it makes you want to poke your eyes out. And swear a lot.)
4. There’s no substitute for having a community that shares your passion. You can function without one, but having one makes you grow in ways you never imagined.
5. You get what you pay for.
6. Sometimes you get a little more than you pay for.
7. People who knit socks by choice aren’t necessarily smoking crack.
8. The frog is not my enemy.
9. Knitters are pretty awesome. Even if most of them do like cats.
10. I can do just about any freakin’ thing I set my mind to. Yay me. 🙂