I’m feeling very SP-M about this whole thing…am I going to make it?? It didn’t seem too out of the question a few days ago, but after today I’m just not sure. I had to rip out an entire 16-row cable repeat, then had to tink some rows here and there, and at the end of the day I’m on row 93 of 126, with a whole ‘nother panel to finish on Saturday. My hands hurt. I’m not especially enjoying this. But I’m so freaking stubborn, I feel the need to punish myself and keep going.

Shining moment: When I discovered that I screwed up 20 rows ago and had to rip out a pattern repeat…the Xs and Os didn’t look right…my five year old said, “Mama, I was going to say, you can’t really see the Xs and Os. You should make that in light blue or something.”

Yeah, right, like I’m ever making this again. (lol)