So, my five-year-old came up to me on Saturday afternoon and declared that she wanted to “make some yarn.” I got to work winding and mixing dyes and whatnot, foolishly hoping that we could get it all done before her sister woke up — surprise, it was not to be. So I had a yarn-dyeing adventure with two small children on my hands. They actually did quite well — thank God for small favors, it was 60 degrees so we dyed in the back yard.

So the yarn was dry this morning, and I first wound it (from its drying state, a loop four feet in diameter) around my arm. Big mistake. Way to small. So I put it back on my arm and wound it around a chair.

Can anyone see what’s wrong with this picture? Doh! Yup, you guessed it, the top of the chair back is wider than the bottom. So I wound it but could not get it off. The third time was a charm — the old wind-it-around-a-Priority-Mail-Box method.

If I do say so myself, my daughter is a great color-picker:

I dyed a green skein too, but I’ve had enough winding for one day.

In other news, I made a sock today.

Hmmm…those colors look familiar. Like *our* yarn, but with the questionable inclusion of a lot of black. (What were they thinking??)