Hi Marji! *waves*

I have to admit, when I was paired with my SP, I was a little puzzled. At first glance, we couldn’t be more different…She’s a very accomplished knitter; I’m still a relative newbie. She seems to prefer large projects (sweaters, maybe? lol); I prefer, ah, instant gratification. I’ve got wee kids underfoot; she’s pretty close to having an empty nest.

But in (harmlessly) stalking her via her blog I learned that we have things in common as well — most remarkably, I think that she might be the only other knitter in the universe who doesn’t own any cats. We both love to cook, don’t collect anything (except yarn and fabric) and of course share a love of natural fibers.

One thing that’s been really notable in my fifteen months as a knitter: the love of this craft really brings people together. I’ve seen it most on the KH forums but it holds true for SP7 too — a shared passion can really trump your differences.

Thanks Marji, for letting me have a glimpse into your knitting life — I’ve a lot to learn from you!

(Also…I’d hoped that your final package would be a little more, uh, aesthetically pleasing…my apologies that preparing for an impromptu plane trip with two small children took precedence. Hope you enjoyed everything regardless! 😉