Jenn asks: are you ever going to knit again and post about it? Seems she’s bored. I reply: well, it’s not like I wasn’t away from home for eight freaking days, and returned to freelance clients breathing down my neck for various reasons. Noooo. Tons of free time over here. (But, well, yes, as a matter of fact I have been knitting a little.)

Tubey is almost done. In accordance with Murphy’s Law of Finishing Tubey, since I didn’t actually bind off, but instead put the stitches on waste yarn so the recipient could try it on, it’s the right size and ready to be bound off. I assure you that if I’d bound it off that would not be the case. So, back on the needles, bind off and weave. Soon.

On the plane I started this hat, for Sue, who’s going to post the pattern on her children’s site. My gauge is off, though, so it might not end up kid-sized. I also wanted to use this hat to show Hooch how to finish on 2 circs…but she was um, kind of distracted by the time we got to that.

I’m knitting the warmest, thickest pair of red socks ever for my wee one. Couldn’t locate any lighter weight red superwash, so Summit Hill it was. The mock cables are turning out really cute.

In other news, my MIL has joined the cult of the sock knitters. (She never thought she would — hmm, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, from every freaking sock knitter.) I think that she may even have more sock yarn than I do, and she just started a few weeks ago. She knit these adorable, but sadly too small socks for the wee one.

Okay, back to those clients…..