…to talk about coffee!

I have to say I was gobsmacked today when my Boca Java package arrived — six big ole bags of beans (three pounds!!), a hat and a mug to boot! A good mug. An amazingly generous package. Really.

Of course I had to go for one of the flavored ones first…what’s not to like about vanilla, kahlua and caramel? On to the Pajama Passion blend….

I got out my trusty grinder, which admittedly hasn’t seen a lot of action the past few years. I feared I ground it too fine but it made it through my drip machine without a problem — not muddy at all. Even my husband, who hasn’t had a cup of coffee since we were dating, I think, said it smelled fabulous.

Flavored coffees always kind of psych me out — I think they’re going to taste like they smell, which of course, they don’t, without the addition of sugar. Just to be sure I tasted it sans sweetener, and yup, it made me shudder. But a few squirts of my homemade vanilla syrup turned it around. YUM. Now that’s a good cup of coffee. Usually I merely tolerate home-brewed coffee, while fantasizing about barista-brewed concoctions that cost quite a bit more than I ought to be spending on a beverage. But this, I dare say, is a home-brewed cup of coffee I’ll actually look forward to.