I sure have been adding to my bag of coffee tricks this month! Next up: the french press coffee maker that has been sitting in my cabinet, unopened, for several years. I don’t know why — I was elated to receive it — but I’ve just never used it. Until now!

I reached the end of the Boot Up Blend I’d finely ground, and decided to coarsely grind some New Media Mavericks for the french press. The process of making it was simple (albeit a touch more time consuming than the moka pot) and yielded a great, very light cup of coffee. Whereas the others I’ve sampled so far were one-cup-at-a-time coffees (um, admittedly this might have something to do with the concoctions I’ve been making), this one struck me as the kind of coffee I’d make if I planned to down the whole pot while pulling an all-nighter. Good stuff.