Anyone else ever have a cursed skein of yarn?? Actually it’s about a skein and a third. KnitPicks Decadence (color: grape), which I adore and have knit several items with…but this particular skein and a third appears to be cursed. I’ve had to frog it like four times. It’s almost been several scarves, something else I can’t quite remember, and most recently, an Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet.

I reeeally thought the capelet was the “one”…the gauge was different but I adjusted it and all seemed to be going well…until I ran out with about six rows left to complete.


I really don’t want to frog it, but I don’t want to order more yarn, ’cause that really defeats the stash-busting nature of the project, don’t you think??

Would anyone like an almost-finished Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet??