Lisa P. correctly spotted the heinous error…she did have two advantages — having knit Trellis herself (a silver medal KO project, very nice), and having me ten feet from her desk telling her if she was right or wrong. 😉 Soooo…her prize will only be sort of special. Hee.

So, the error was that, in my zeal to follow the pink letters in the pattern (ensuring you are working edge stitches in reverse stockinette!) I inadvertently switched the left and right fronts. Silly wabbit, when you’re working it as one piece, there are no reverse stockinette edge stitches. Only button bands. Worked in seed stitch. Which, in my work, were next to the side “seams” instead. Oops.

I’m telling you, knitting Darwin Award, right here.

I charted it out and tried to figure out if I could salvage it by adding button bands after the fact and dinking with the neck shaping, but you know, it was a little hairy and it would have bugged me forever. So….

Ouch, that hurt.

Deja vu…