Clockwise, from top left:

Well, on the spindle. Yarn. Another 15 yards or so…not quite so awful as the first spindle full, but still not knittable.

Hats. The Harlot announced last week that a few WIC programs were seeking donated hats for some kind of breastfeeding awareness thingy. Glad to oblige…I’ve sent off seven of them. The last one I made, I modified the sweaterbabe beanie to include five cables instead of four — I think it turned out great!

Li’l Lucy-ish bag. Another random skein gone from my stash! Jodi, do you like it?? 😉

Swatching for the sweaterbabe fabulous lace-inset cardigan. The yarn (Bartlett) didn’t soften up as much as I’d hoped when I washed the swatch, but it’s a cardigan, so it’s livable.