So, we were at the fair on Thursday night. We turned a corner, and there was a tent with a few spinning wheels, some looms, some yarn and rovings. Naturally, I was drawn to it.

In order to avoid missing my daughter’s first pony ride, I quickly had to abandon the fiber tent. But this morning, I braved the zillion degree heat and went back. There was a lovely woman from this farm spinning on this wheel and she explained it all to me, as I’m green enough that I’ve never witnessed actual wheel spinning firsthand.

This is trouble, I can feel it.

Of course I bought some fiber:

A lovely Cheviot/Mohair blend in a colorway called, “Like a River Glorious.” The photo doesn’t do it justice…it’s absolutely gorgeous. I scanned it too:

But really, you must see it. Lovely. Sigh. And there’s just something about buying fiber from someone who can tell you about the sheep it came from. 😉