I seem to be sighing a lot lately…this time ’cause I’m bummed. Bummed that I always seem to fall in love with things that make my arms hurt. It’s like each hobby I adore gives me a different repetetive stress injury. My arm kills from spinning….but I want to keep doing it! I’m on a roll….

I was a little hesitant to start spinning this merino ’cause I was having a really good spinning week and didn’t want to ruin it — but I thought, what the heck, if it’s too frustrating I can just stop and spin the Jacob/Corriedale/Mohair instead. But it didn’t frustrate me at all. Maybe the touch of mohair makes it easier to spin, or maybe I have a knack for it…who knows. It’s uneven (of course) but I’m quite fond of it…all 200 yards of it (so far):

I’m dying to spin the last ounce so I can ply it, but my arm is begging me not to.