Obviously spinning has been the main thing over here for the last few weeks. Understandable, considering that #1: spinning is magical; and #2 these are the things I have on the needles:

1. Pumpkin hat. The requisite on-the-go project, but I haven’t really been going anywhere. Enough to do right here at home. Pumpkin hats are kind of boring.

2. Soaker pants that have been a half inch from completion for at least six weeks. That last half inch is stranded colorwork. I’m really trying to like it. But I hate it.

3. Swingy tank top for DD. About an hour or two from completion. Meh.

4. Right front of the fab lace-inset cardigan. Requires a bit of concentration, what with all the reverse-shaping, row-counting, don’t-forget-the-buttonholes hoo hah.

So, every night when the kids go to bed, I glance at these projects. (And then I pick up my spindle. Magical, I tell you.)