First, Blogger has been unbelievably wonky this week. I’m lucky if I can log in, let alone post. Surprising, as it’s been very reliable for me for the past three years.

Second, Photobucket. They changed their upload format, and I get an error every time I try to upload a photo. I’ll give it 24 hours…then, I’m outta there. (Can you say Flickr?)

Third, the original reason for this post.


I was on the cusp of knitting the last buttonhole row of the right front of the fab lace inset cardigan when I realized that I hadn’t started the armhole shaping at row 43. (Damn those patterns that don’t have charts/tell you to “reverse shaping” instead of giving you the instructions for the second side.)

I was going to tink the 15 rows. Really, I was. But in the end I just couln’d stand it…I threw caution to the wind and ripped, praying to God that I’d be able to get it all back on the needles with the lace pattern intact. And I did it!! (No guts, no glory…)

Lesson learned: don’t knit anything that requires this level of concentration while listening to a podcast that features the resolution of a slasher-murder-mystery, and therefore contains a ridiculous amount of screaming.