And yes, my hands do sort of feel like they are going to fall off.

In progress: mittens for kiddo #1…using WOTA that she helped me dye. I fear they’ll be too big, so I haven’t woven anything in yet. No thumbs yet because I need to try them on her, and I hate teeny diameter circ knitting with DPNS with the passion of then thousand white hot suns. I will finish them soon, though, because as previously mentioned, it snowed here last week. And the drama of trying to find matching mittens that fit and don’t have irritating tags in them, as we are rushing out the door, is wearing me out.

In other news, I just completed some bona fide sock yarn!

That’s 18wpi, for those of you without superheroish vision. Depending on what chart you look at, fingering weight. It has its *cough* charms, but it’s sproingy and soft, and I would so knit with it, if it were mine.

That’s been the big *a-ha* around here lately: more and more, I’m really digging the yarn that I’m spinning. Not that I disliked it before, but I’m increasingly feeling like, hey, I would totally pay money for this yarn. I really like it. Woo!

No wheel yet. Suppressed rant over there.