While it’s fab to be listed on KPC and all — you would not believe the traffic I get from them alone — the downside is that there’s not way to let the hundreds of people who’ve visited that there has been a correction to my Basic Earflap Hat pattern. An astute knitter pointed out a GLARING OMISSION to me (doh!) several weeks ago, so I immediately corrected the pattern (changes are in red). But lots of people had already snagged the pattern. And they’re coming back to report an unusual outcome of the nipple-y kind, lol. I apologize to all who have knit and wondered what the heck I was smoking!

So anyway, I’m putting up this post in the hopes that I at least catch a few more people before they knit it. Sigh.

And the wheel? As of 3 a.m., it’s in Illinois. If only UPS delivered on Saturday……