Because so many people rave about it, I got my hands on a copy of “Spinning for Softness and Speed” through interlibrary loan. I’m so glad that I didn’t buy it, because really, what a waste it would have been…after trying the method described therein, I totally would have thrown it out the window.

Really, it was awful and frustrating and it made me absolutely irate. So I’ll pack this batt away in the hopes that someday someone can show me this technique in person. (I purchased a batt especially for this, because you have to use carded fiber, not roving. Sigh.)


So I thought, okay, I will take out the yummy yummy fiber that i have been waiting to spin — alpaca/silk/angora or something like that. Super soft, lovely stuff. Mmmmm.

I couldn’t spin it to save my life. Tried it on the wheel, failed miserably. Tried to spindle it, did a little better, but it was not a fun nor a relaxing experience. In fact it made me pretty irate.


On to fiber #3 (a day or two later, of course) …a completely lovely merino from an etsy shop that I shall not name, because while it is a visual delight it has been an absolute nightmare to spin. It obviously sat in the stash for quite some time because it was compacted and very, very hard to draft. I couldn’t even successfully pre-draft it. I had to tear it lengthwise into teeny tiny thin little strips, which took for-freaking-ever. Sorry, lovely little etsy shop with beautiful roving, you won’t be seeing me again. 😦


(And let’s not even talk about the red 220 superwash that bled like mad in the wash. grr.)