I like to think that I’m a good swap partner. That’s what they’ve told me, anyway, my former swap-ees. I put a lot of thought into the packages I send. And oh my goodness, hello karma, I got the mother of all swap packages in the mail today. And it wasn’t even a huge swap or anything — a pretty simple one, actually. But o. m. g. The *s w a g* …

A few weeks ago I thought I’d pretty much figured out that Allegra was knitting my socks — she was having a hard time making the Valentine’s Day deadline but cryptically said she had a very good reason, but that she couldn’t tell me what it was without revealing her identity. As the field of possible partners narrowed, I thought, hm, ALLEGRA is PREGNANT! That would totally make sense! Then she posted a pic of the first sock, and I was sooooo hoping I was right. The socks, they are unbelievably fab…

…as are all of the other goodies! Holy crap! Socks that Rock! The Friday Night Knitting Club! Stitch markers that are so perfect for me, I could have made them myself! (Except that I’m too lazy.) I was absolutely (and still am) gobsmacked by her generosity. I puffy heart these socks. I absolutely loathe sleeping with socks on…but for these I might make an exception.

The funny thing is, though I’ve knit quite a few socks, they haven’t been for myself, save the Brown Sheep Superwash house socks that I made to try toe-up sock knitting. The socks that I knit for this swap were my first pair of bona-fide teeny-tiny-yarn-and-needles socks for an adult. It was waaay much more work than kids’ socks, and I came out of it wondering if I’d ever knit another pair like them.

But now I know I must. I want to wear these socks every day, they’re so freakin’ comfy, so I’m going to need others like them to wear while they’re in the wash.

Thanks a million times, Allegra — you went above and beyond.