Some blue yarn…


I spun this a few weeks ago (and finished plying last weekend) for the lovely Lisa P., who left our office for greener pastures last week. 😉 Really, she took a very cool and important job elsewhere, and while we miss her a lot, we’re so happy for her.

I learned that Lisa was also a knitter in a roundabout sort of way — one of my job responsibilities is to sort through web filter alerts, 99.9% of which are ads or dumb keyword things. One day I noticed that a bunch of knitting things were being blocked — Knitty’s hardc0re, for one —  and I couldn’t resist looking up the IP to see who was trying to access it. And it was Lisa! A longtime knitter! Who knew!

While we just might be able to lure your replacement into knitting, Lisa, no one can truly fill your shoes. Hope you enjoy the yarn…you know, as soon as you give me my Denises back. 😉