Leave the box out, or stuff it in a bin and hope that your DH (who was aware of the purchase, but would perhaps be startled by the sheer volume) wouldn’t stumble across it?

More details and pics after the jump…

Got my Crown Mountain Farms co-cop order yesterday. Sigh. This is some beautiful fiber, folks…and lots of it.


Clockwise, from top left: Beat Goes On. I got a pound and a half of this, intending to spin and knit myself a sweater. Yo, that’s a lot of fiber. It Takes Two. I’m spinning that one for a friend. I was thrilled that she chose it because otherwise I would have had to buy it for myself. Twist and Shout. For me, not sure what it will become. Mustang Sally. Also spinning for a friend.

It was my goal to finish spinning the CMF superwash (Brown Eyed Girl) that I got for Christmas before this batch arrived. While the spinning was done, I hadn’t finished plying yet….but I took care of that last night while watching American Idol *and* the last 4 episodes of 24. *yawn*


I was really pleased with the yardage — a little over 450 yards (not sure of the wpi, I’m guessing it’s DK-ish) from 8 oz. of fiber. I’m not sure what will become of this — perhaps I will sell it so I can buy more fiber. Or more bobbins. Or something.