So, things have been crazy busy over here. I’m working a ton and have a huge web site to construct and flesh out in, oh, the next ten days or so. (!!!) So what do I do? Start a new knitting project, naturally!


Ever since I first saw this pattern all knit up I knew I wanted to make one. I’m not a shawl-wearer, but it seemed like the perfect project for the BFL/silk handspun that has been eyeing me from the corner of my office. It’s totally lovely, and I’m really enjoying working on it. Except for the fact that I finished the fourth body repeat this afternoon and my stitch count is off. I should have 63-1-63 stitches and instead I have 62-1-64. I located the error on the 64 side, which will be easy enough to remedy, but I’ve counted the stitches on the 62 side approximately 98674576340 times and can’t figure out where the missing stitch goes. Gah!

Quick knit with worsted weight yarn, though — I started it at around 6 yesterday and I could conveivably finish this weekend.