Now, normally, I get a wee bit irritated when people say, you should sell that! in reference to my many creative pursuits. Actually I only get irritated when non-crafty people say it. Crafty people get it, therefore they don’t usually say things like that, and when they do, I take it as a compliment. Did that make any sense?

Last fall during my spinning frenzy, Robin wondered aloud if I’d end up spinning yarn and selling it. I think I responded with a hmmm, that’s interesting, while thinking, that would be okay, but what I’d really like to do is dye fiber and sell it. I loved all that spinning, but I had soooo much fun doing all the dyeing, too. And as a biz venture it would stand to be a little more profitable, i.e. I just might break even if I tried really hard.

And during all the dyeing, my DH and I talked about colorways, and how people name them, and I said, well, I really suck at that part, and if I ever were to dye and sell, I’d have to name my colorways after Over the Rhine* songs.

Long story short, I’ve decided to go for it, and the first e-mail I shot off after my wee business loan was funded was to Linford and Karin, asking their permission to name my colorways after their songs. They graciously gave it, and I’m so flippin’ excited. (As is the DH, who said, you’re going to let me help with the colors, right? Is he a keeper, or what?)

So! Coming in September: a wee fiber shop on etsy! I can’t devote a ton of time to it over the next two weeks (aforementioned huge project…sigh) but I am dyeing here and there and getting quite excited about it all. If nothing else, I’ll have the hugest stash of OtR-nspired spinning fiber EVER.


* favorite band ever. I’ve been listening to them for 16 years now, and they never fail to inspire me. If you’ve never heard of them, do yourself a favor: click on the record player. (I’m on a Roll is my fave this afternoon…)