You get lots of traffic, even when you don’t post for a whole month. Seriously, am I a rotten blogger or what?

In general I haven’t been slacking, though, just here. In the last few weeks we’ve had a smattering of Mystery Illness, the beginning of school, a web site launch, intermittent knitting and dyestock mixing, and a death in the family. So the blog, it suffers.

So what’s been on the needles? First up, another Shetland Triangle, very handy for those times when one is curled up in the fetal position, shivering and wishing for death due to said mystery illness:


I love this pattern, and I love this yarn. There’s another pic here — no, it’s not that big, it’s being modeled by my six-year old.

A little more progress on the loosely-modeled-after-the-Chinese-Lace-Pullover:


I’m not so sure about that edging. But for now, I’m not going to worry about it. This is the part where I knit the sleeves, then decide the whole thing is wonky (despite having tried it on a zillion times) and rip it all out. Stay tuned.

And this week’s progress on the STR socks:


I’m through the gusset decreases on both of them, so this is now smooth-sailing, no-concentration-required knitting for soccer practice on Friday evening. Yup, I said soccer practice. Lots of that coming up, and games too. My first thought was, “awwwesome, that’s gonna be some great knitting time.”

Coming soon: a cabled earflap hat pattern. Swatching is in progress!