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Is this thing on??

Welcome to my new home. Let’s see how this goes. Everything from my blogger blog seems to have imported successfully…though a few comments are missing. I just have to get a feel for how all of the template editing stuff goes from here. I have wordpress installed on another domain and it’s much more customizable that way — but I’ll give this a go and see if I can work with it. I really want to save that installation for some template work I’m doing.


Hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing, blessed, drama-free Christmas!

We had a wonderfully laid-back day…stockings, then Mass, then presents, then the big family dinner, more presents, coffee and cookies, then we left the kids at the ILs for the night and returned home to prepare their room for all the new loot and watch as much Prison Break as possible before falling asleep. Whew!

Speaking of loot…


I’m a lucky girl.

So we’re losing another yarn store. To be totally honest it’s not my fave — too many novelty yarns for my taste, and it feels crowded even when there’s only a few people there…but they are quite nice and helpful and I’m sad to see it go.

I used considerable restraint…it was only the second day of the sale:


I just grabbed two patterns, some very pretty mystery wool roving, two balls of bamboo (a Christmas present for a wool-sensitive family member who is learning to knit), and some Catalina Baby Pima that I already have atwo skeins of — now I have four so I can make something bigger. 🙂

Actually, not a whole lot is new! Same old same old around here. But my blog looked awfully lonely so I figured I should post. ;).

Spinning: 16 down, two to go! I’m spinning the last two batches of thank-you yarn simultaneously because I feel so bad that someone has to be last. I’m halfway through one, and about a third of the way through the other. And omg, I am in luuuurve with merino/tencel…it is an absolute dream to spin.

Don’t you want to touch it??


Knitting: sock #1 is done, and it’s cushy and cozy and awesome. Sock #2 is stalled, because I haven’t had a lot of out-and-about knitting time lately. I knit the heel flap on Thanksgiving, and picked up the gusset stitches, but I really had to put it away because I couldn’t work on it without being antisocial, what with the keeping track of the cable pattern while decreasing while my children jumped on and off my lap and begged for more pie and all.

Misc: I’m tired. I stay up way too late. But I can’t help it, it’s sooo quiiiiet.

The Internet continues to amaze me. I put a video up on YouTube on Saturday night, to address some questions about my basic earflap hat pattern. By this evening it had been viewed 125 times. (Wild.)

I got a huge head of romaine lettuce today, and made a ginormous salad with green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, red onion…grated parmesan and fat free caesar italian dressing…it was amazing. Then I went to the gym. Go me. Then I came home and made eggnog milkshakes. Does that count as two steps forward, one step back? Or does the milkshake completely negate the other two?

When you have several containers of roving soaking in the utility sink?

Don’t do the laundry.

1. no, I am not stopping at 100. I have two more FOs to weave and photograph…I’m just sort of busy with a CRAPLOAD OF SPINNING right now. 😉

2. the yarn in my header…aaaahhhh….when I received it in the mail I seriously couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I wanted to look at it all the time. Then it dawned on me that a great way to do just that was to put it in my header! It’s Ejido 160, from, color: Aguas. [note! this refers to my old header, at my old blogspot blog.]

And speaking of, omg, look at this roving. Drool.

So, if you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your PayPal account, and you’d just love a custom-made small knitting project bag, do visit fibersnob and donate to *her* wheel fund. 10% of proceeds got to breast cancer research! What’s not to love?

So I’m sitting here like a dumb nutcase lunatic, peering out the window every time a car passes. My wheel is on the UPS truck, and I have the sneaking suspiscion that mine will be the very last package delivered before the UPS guy goes home tonight. After all, it was loaded on the truck at 4:56 this morning. (I know, I know, UPS tracking geek much?) Either that or he will come during the three minutes it takes for me to pick up my daughter at school.

tick, tock, tick, tock……

Nothing about knitting, that is. I’ve been dyeing, spinning, dyeing, spinning — though I did knit a swatch the other day. Does that count?

I’m working on an update post for the wheel blog. Hopefully it will be up this afternoon!