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For some reason, I always thought cables were this mysterious, Very Hard Thing. But they’re not! Just kind of a pain.


I really screwed up the sewing part of these. So I’ll post the flat pic. I’m not sure yet whether I like booties or not….it’s a lot of sewing….

Miss Dashwood! I swore like a sailor and cursed the picot cast-on, vowing to never do it again. But it’s like childbirth…I have forgotten the pain. I love this hat and would make another one. Someday.

Another incarnation of the Sweetheart Pullover, this time in Bernat Denim Style. I can’t say enough about this yarn — it was wonderful to knit with, and IMO a perfect yarn for baby items, because it’s machine washable and knits up soooo soft.

I had leftover yarn and decided to make the matching hat, then I still had leftover yarn and made the matching shoes (simple shoes, from Zoe Mellor’s 50 Booties to Knit). If they all fit Landon at the same time, it will be a miracle.