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The boring stuff:
Hat, no pattern, knit in Malabrigo — colors: Molly and Tiger Lily (dregs) on US6 needles. Started/finished 11/28.


…I just might have 52 FOs by the end of the year. Let’s see…I just completed #46, and I have 47-51 on the needles, all Christmas gifts…so it could happen.

The green ones are #45… the hollyberry ones were #35. The one in front is my bitty clog, which is freaking adorable and will be prominently displayed on my Christmas tree. When I put it up.

For the marauders!

The boring stuff:
Children’s Fiber Trends Clogs, size small.
Knit in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, Natural and Grass.
Started 11/23, finished 11/26.
(Ran out of yarn at the very end…KK saved the day by mailing me her Grass dregs. Thanks KK!)

This lace-edged hat is the companion to the baby one that I made in the spring. Someone on KH was looking for an adult lace-edged hat so I offered to resize the pattern. Turned out great if you’re into the snug-hat thing….looks awful on *me*, though!

Now for the testing — it’ll be interesting to see how others do with my instructions. If all goes well, perhaps I’ll submit it to The pattern for 5 sts/inch (not the 4 sts/inchshown) would make a really nice chemo cap, I think.

The boring stuff:
Lace-Edged Women’s Hat (pattern my own)
Knit in Brown Sheep Prairie Silks (color: peseta purple) on US8 needles.
Started and finished 11/17

The boring stuff:
Diaper soakers, loosely based on the pattern from Tiny Bird Organics
I made significant alterations to this pattern (different gauge, knit in the round, added short rows, etc) so I am thinking that maybe I cn call it my own. Not that I need to, per se…
Knit in the most wonderful wool on earth, Malabrigo worsted — colors: Molly and Tiger Lily. (1 skein for each soaker) on US6 needles.
Started 11/15, finished 11/19.

…knitting and finishing things. I’m just not posting them because they’re gifts (Christmas and otherwise). All will be cleared from my drafts folder after the holidays.

I have a ridiculous number of projects both on the needles and waiting to go on the needles. Cozy, three scarves, more clogs, mittens, and various small gifty things. What I really want to knit though, dare I say it, is more socks. I can’t believe I actually knit them in the first place, let alone that I’m considering doing it again. Go figure.

The boring stuff:
Margritte Baby Sweater (modified significantly for gauge)
Knit in Knitpicks Andean Silk (color: olive), doubled, on US13 needles.
Started 10/?, finished knitting 10/20, seaming 11/14. (rolleyes)

The boring stuff:
Christmas Stocking, pattern from Silver’s Sock Class
(snowflake chart my own)
Knit in Marr Haven wool on US10 needles.
Started 11/9, finished 11/10.

The boring stuff:
Socks!! pattern from Silver’s Sock Class
Knit in Knitpicks Parade, color: Blues (1 skein) on US4 needles.
(That was close!! Less than 3 yards left over at the end.)
Started 11/5, finished 11/7.

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.

I’ve gone back and forth on the sock thing quite a few times. I don’t wave the tiny-yarn flag, nor the tiny-needles flag, so when I finally decided to give it a go, I chose Parade, which knits on size 3-5 needles. Still pretty freaking small if you ask me.

I started off planning to use the Children in Common pattern, because it has a short row heel instead of the whole flap/gusset, which to me looked do-able but not fun, and I’m kinda lazy, so short rows seemed more attractive. I got through the heel but didn’t have the energy to figure out how to pick up the short row wraps from the right side, so it was looking pretty squirrely. Sooo…I frogged back to before the heel, and continued using Silver’s awesome Sock Class. And what do you know…’s looking pretty sock-like…..