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It’s been all earflap hats, all the time over here lately. I bought a bunch of bulky merino from because I heard a rumor that they weren’t going to be carrying it any more. The only way I could think to justify the yarn purchase was to make a bunch of hats and sell them. This is my absolute fave earflap hat yarn, folks! It’s spectacular and I hope the rumors aren’t true. 😦

I was toying with doing a craft show this fall, but then decided to first put the hats in my etsy shop to see if they would sell there. So if you reached the blog searching for earflap hats but you’re not a knitter…you’re in luck! I’ve got a bunch of them! Head on over to the shop and take a look.

And if you’re a knitter, of course, the patterns are free, check the sidebar. I love that so many people have found them useful. 🙂