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Wow, I can’t even believe how long it’s been since I last posted here.

I haven’t been knitting that much…but I did finish my socks!


(CO 40 sts on US2 needles. 3×1 rib all the way. Classic heel flap/gusset construction. All from handspun…this used to be a ball of fluff, folks, and now it’s socks!)

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…that since switching to WordPress I’m somewhat of a stats wh0re. I check them several times daily and it’s infinitely amusing to see how many people visit and how they find their way here. Not surprisingly, the patterns comprise most of my hits, either from Knitting Pattern Central or Google searches for earflap hats.

You know what makes me smile? When the search engine queries say things like, “julie earflap hat.” I’m all, awwww, they remembered my name! 😉 (I know, I know, it doesn’t take much, huh?)

Really, it’s hard to describe an Evening with The Harlot. We got there a little before 6:30, and there were a LOT of people.


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So here it is, my first “real” 3-ply (as in, from three separate bobbins):

0401_merino-cormo1 0401_merino-cormo2

(Don’t mind the VM. That Cormo was straight from the farm…*swoon*)

The second photo shows the color better, at least it does on my monitor. The first two plies are HPY merino — a dream to spin as always — in a lovely sage-ish green. After they were spun up, I thought, hm, I would like to do a 3-ply but if I Navajo ply it, I will lose waaay too much yardage. So I decided to use some of the extra Cormo I had in my stash for the third ply. Since the yarn is going to be hand-wash-only anyway, I might as well use something really wonderful, no?

If it dries in time, it will be on the needles when I go here on Tuesday night. Woo!!