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An actual exchange yesterday between myself and a very young employee, at a Large Craft Store (that kind of rhymes with Lindsay Lohan):

Me: I’ve looked around, but I’m obviously not looking in the right place…do you know where I could find a darning egg?

Emp: blank stare


Emp: I don’t know what that is.

Me: It’s a wooden egg-like thing, sometimes with a handle, that you use when you repair socks. I have some handknit socks that I need to repair…

Emp: (looking at me like I have two heads) people…fix…socks??

Me: uhh…yup. I guess I’ll have to find one on the Internet, huh.

Seriously, I would mot have been surprised if she said, “people…knit…socks?” …that’s how incredulous she was. It was pretty humorous. And if she only knew I’d spun the yarn…imagine the reaction then. 😉