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And timely good fortune at that!

First off I have to say that I’m addicted to the craftzine blog. My brother gave me a subscription to Craft last year and it’s such a fun magazine…and the blog is like having a snippet of the mag every day for breakfast. They scour the web for the coolest crafty things that pop up — patterns, tutorials, etsy items, etc. It’s an amazing time suck source of inspiration.

This week they had a random drawing for a giveaway…a $50 gift certificate from Warm Biscuit, which has the most squee-worthy fabric!! Now, my kid goes to parochial school, folks, so I enter raffles on a regular basis. But I can’t remember the last time I won anything. I just don’t have that mojo.

Or so I thought!  How flippin’ cool is that?!


I just want to say, I do bop around and visit the blogs of people who link here, and I try very hard to leave comments. You all make some really cute stuff! But blogger won’t let me comment. The whole google/blogger sign-in thing is a complete fiasco for me, and those who know me will vouch that I’m no technophobe. For crying out loud, I’m an IT person! It’s my job! I just can’t be bothered to jump through 456897589 hoops every single freaking time I want to comment on a blog.

So hey all, I’m looking at your projects and they are fab!

My quilt is coming along nicely too 😀


…to say, I need another crafty diversion like I need a hole in the head.

I blame the Craftzine blog.


I’m traveling by train this weekend. You know what that means, folks…who needs clothes, my bags are packed with yarn. New projects. Old projects. Eleventy billion needles. I can’t wait!

My iPod is stocked with 11 of 12 discs of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Even if it continues to make a fool of me. Damn failed cheese. I’ve read over half but my sister raved about the audiobook, so it’s coming along.

See you Sunday! 😀

Now, normally, I get a wee bit irritated when people say, you should sell that! in reference to my many creative pursuits. Actually I only get irritated when non-crafty people say it. Crafty people get it, therefore they don’t usually say things like that, and when they do, I take it as a compliment. Did that make any sense?

Last fall during my spinning frenzy, Robin wondered aloud if I’d end up spinning yarn and selling it. I think I responded with a hmmm, that’s interesting, while thinking, that would be okay, but what I’d really like to do is dye fiber and sell it. I loved all that spinning, but I had soooo much fun doing all the dyeing, too. And as a biz venture it would stand to be a little more profitable, i.e. I just might break even if I tried really hard.

And during all the dyeing, my DH and I talked about colorways, and how people name them, and I said, well, I really suck at that part, and if I ever were to dye and sell, I’d have to name my colorways after Over the Rhine* songs.

Long story short, I’ve decided to go for it, and the first e-mail I shot off after my wee business loan was funded was to Linford and Karin, asking their permission to name my colorways after their songs. They graciously gave it, and I’m so flippin’ excited. (As is the DH, who said, you’re going to let me help with the colors, right? Is he a keeper, or what?)

So! Coming in September: a wee fiber shop on etsy! I can’t devote a ton of time to it over the next two weeks (aforementioned huge project…sigh) but I am dyeing here and there and getting quite excited about it all. If nothing else, I’ll have the hugest stash of OtR-nspired spinning fiber EVER.


* favorite band ever. I’ve been listening to them for 16 years now, and they never fail to inspire me. If you’ve never heard of them, do yourself a favor: click on the record player. (I’m on a Roll is my fave this afternoon…)

If you’re on the smaller side, go and visit Cheryl — she’s giving away an awesome T-shirt to a lucky commenter. 😀 (Even if you’re not on the smaller side, go and see her anyway, and visit her store. She carries a ton of beautiful yarn and spinning fiber!)

Some blue yarn…


I spun this a few weeks ago (and finished plying last weekend) for the lovely Lisa P., who left our office for greener pastures last week. 😉 Really, she took a very cool and important job elsewhere, and while we miss her a lot, we’re so happy for her.

I learned that Lisa was also a knitter in a roundabout sort of way — one of my job responsibilities is to sort through web filter alerts, 99.9% of which are ads or dumb keyword things. One day I noticed that a bunch of knitting things were being blocked — Knitty’s hardc0re, for one —  and I couldn’t resist looking up the IP to see who was trying to access it. And it was Lisa! A longtime knitter! Who knew!

While we just might be able to lure your replacement into knitting, Lisa, no one can truly fill your shoes. Hope you enjoy the yarn…you know, as soon as you give me my Denises back. 😉

…that since switching to WordPress I’m somewhat of a stats wh0re. I check them several times daily and it’s infinitely amusing to see how many people visit and how they find their way here. Not surprisingly, the patterns comprise most of my hits, either from Knitting Pattern Central or Google searches for earflap hats.

You know what makes me smile? When the search engine queries say things like, “julie earflap hat.” I’m all, awwww, they remembered my name! 😉 (I know, I know, it doesn’t take much, huh?)

I’ve dinked with the comment settings a little (thanks, Mer!). If you’re reading this, would you mind trying to post a comment? I’m not a comment whore, really. I just want to make sure they’re working. Thanks 😉

I forgot to take pics during the daylight hours today…more new handspun photos will be up tomorrow!

I’m starting to feel a little more at home over here! I’ve got buttons! And a blogroll!

The header photo is my BFL and tussah silk plied together…if I do say so myself it turned out beautifully. About 300 yards, and I haven’t set the twist yet so I’m not sure what the WPI is. Seems DK-ish. It’s soft and scrunchy and I’m still thinking about what it might want to become.