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The boring stuff:
Toe-less socks, hybrid pattern
Knit in Wool-ease worsted (1 skein) on US4 needles
Started 12/23, finished 12/26


The boring stuff:
Lace-edged hat, pattern my own
Knit in Knitpicks Decadence, less than a skein, on US10 needles. I think. It’s all a blur.
Started and finished on the same day, sometime in December. Blur.

I’m not that negligent of my sidebar, folks. Everything you see under “on the needles” is still in fact on the needles, where it has been since the beginning of time. At least it feels that way. I’m not quite ready to move them to “in hiatus” though…I’d have to put them all on waste yarn first.

These are the projects that are so monotonous I can’t bear to pick them up for more than ahalf hour anymore. And I lost my lace pattern cheat card for one of them, and I can’t figure out which freaking book I got the pattern out of. So that fab Decadence might have another incarnation…

Can’t wait til after Christmas when I get to start knitting Tubey!

The boring stuff:
Fiber Trends Children’s Clogs, size medium
Knit with Lamb’s Pride Worsted, WOTA, and Paton’s Classic Wool (don’t ask) on US13 needles.
Started 12/13, Finished 12/14.

The boring stuff:
Fair Isle Hats (no pattern)
Knit with Knitpicks Merino Style — (colors: vanilla, lilac, iris, petal, and rhubarb) on US6 needles.
Started/finished #1: 12/5, #2: 12/12

The boring stuff:
Colorful Socks (Sock Class again, modified slightly)
Knit with Plymouth JellyBeenz (#208, white, selected by my five year old, of course) on US4 needles.
Started 12/9, finished 12/11

For my favorite little girl with a hefty sock aversion! (Really, there are two, I handed them over immediately after weaving the ends, so I don’t have a pic of them together.)

The boring stuff:
Silly socks, hybrid pattern (Sock Class + Peek-a-Boo Sock)
Knit with Regia Crazy Color 6-ply (exactly one ball) on US4 needles
Started 12/6, finished 12/8

The boring stuff:
Woodland Hat (Mer’s pattern…to be released soon!)
Knit with Rowan Soft Baby — omg, yum (color: princess) on US6 needles.
Started/finished 12/2



This pattern ROCKS.

The boring stuff:
Knit in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes (Natural) on US8 needles.
Started 11/19, finished 12/02

The boring stuff:
Snow Mittens (pattern my own)
Knit in Knitpicks Merino Style (Natural and Strawberry) on US6 needles.
Started [?], finished 12/02