So here it is, my first “real” 3-ply (as in, from three separate bobbins):

0401_merino-cormo1 0401_merino-cormo2

(Don’t mind the VM. That Cormo was straight from the farm…*swoon*)

The second photo shows the color better, at least it does on my monitor. The first two plies are HPY merino — a dream to spin as always — in a lovely sage-ish green. After they were spun up, I thought, hm, I would like to do a 3-ply but if I Navajo ply it, I will lose waaay too much yardage. So I decided to use some of the extra Cormo I had in my stash for the third ply. Since the yarn is going to be hand-wash-only anyway, I might as well use something really wonderful, no?

If it dries in time, it will be on the needles when I go here on Tuesday night. Woo!!