I’ve gotten in a decent amount of spinning in the past few weeks…

This one’s for Jenn, who’s been waiting so patiently:


(please excuse the crappy photo. I can’t seem to take a decent photo to save my life these days…maybe my eight year old 2MP camera has something to do with it…that, or I’ve simply lost my mojo.)

And this one just went up in the shop:


Not much new on the knitting front…I finished these mittens for my wee-est one:


(I’m really fond of that photo, because you can see my little handspun-hanknit-socked toe in the corner. Sigh. Those are my favorite socks in the whole world.)

…I’m also writing a new pattern, I think — well, I’m knitting something and taking lots of notes. So I can’t really post about it until I decide if I want to submit it somewhere, or just let it out into the wild. 😉